Unique Gifts from JapanOffering exceptional, top quality items designed and created in Japan, ALEXCIOUS is a special destination that introduces a variety of lifestyle choices.


Blue Tokai Coffee mission is simple: introduce the customers to the estates with great tasting coffees, roast the beans order by order, and ship them out to customers immediately. The coffee they roast is the coffee you’ll like to drink. And hope you’ll like it too.


Caboose is an independent publisher of books about film located in Montreal, Canada. Caboose publishes a small number of innovative books each year on topics related to film theory, history and criticism. They are often collaborative in nature and create whole new fields of enquiry and modes of discussion of interest to specialists and general readers alike.

Hong Kong

Started in 2005 with a simple idea - intended to be a platform where designers can express their craziest ideas. CRAZY LABEL tell amazing stories through designer vinyl toys and other interesting medium.

Earth Loaf

We have set out to make India’s premier gourmet chocolate. A chocolate for sophisticated palates that harnesses and demonstrates the sheer richness of organic Indian produce. We are dedicated to making chocolate that reflects the cycles of the cosmos, unifying man with nature and health with pleasure through a combination of old-world craft and new-found nutritional wisdom.


Eboy Is Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and SvendSmital. Eboy create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork, and  manufacture toys.


Elecom is a Japanese electronics company established in 1986, headquartered in Osaka, Japan. They are best known for their modern design, especially with their mice. They also manufacture USB flash drives, keyboards and many other peripheral devices.ELECOM never stops challenging itself towards a goal of an even higher level of customer satisfaction. Under the theme of “Beyond Digital Life”


GREENLAND New Delhi based e-boutique for Magazines & Journals.  Serving to uplift the Mag Culture by bringing the right magazine to all the Magazine Enthusiasts in India.