LIMESE Of the tens of thousands cosmetics products available in the world, finding the right products for skin types of each person is more difficult than one may think. Our team's ultimate goal is to help people find the best solutions for beauty and to help develop a good lifestyle.


MEGA, after a successful career in art direction in Europe and Australia, he now does illustrations for publications and brands such as Nike, Volkswagen and Complex magazine and has exhibited his personal work in reputable galleries throughout the Asian Pacific and Europe. He takes an interdisciplinary approach — blending the practices of design, technology and art — to create modern and appealing images with a belief that quality, communication and hard work is the key to success.


Oozu Inc. is responsible for product planning, design, sales and license management of the brands “OOZU MAKOTO”, “THE MINT HOUSE” and “The Porcelains”.



We produce and sell items of stereo tennis design goods and products that we could only buy at shops, irregularly, on a whimsical basis. Item genre is various. I am making cute things when I feel like it.


Tait Design Co. was started in the year 2013  has  created limited-run handmade art & collectibles. These are the design efforts of Matthew Tait, a Detroit, Michigan-based multi-disciplined designer and artist.

Tea Trunk

At one point, I owned over 100 rare and exotic teas from China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, England, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Kenya and so on. I owned this tea treasure but I knew little about these teas. So in 2011, my passion for tea took me to a professional tea school in Sri Lanka, where I studied under the guidance of  Japanese tea master, Nao Kumekawa. During my study, I visited numerous tea gardens, tasted 100 cups of tea a day, and profiled over 2000 varieties of tea.

The Householder

I am an independent Tupperware Manager based in Chennai, self-employed and working from home as a demonstrator and managing a small team. Tupperware is a pioneer in innovative storage products


As Donnie and Marie famously said when describing their act, "I'm a little bit Country and I'm a little bit Rock and Roll", or the incidental marriage of two flavorful elements (Chocolate and Peanut Butter) merging into a tasty flash of brilliance, the same experimental spirit can be said when describing The Loyal Subjects - "We're a little bit Willy Wonka, dunked in a Koonsian ether topped off with some Iggy Pop." Voila! The Loyal Subjects in a nutshell.