72% Keralan Single Estate Chocolate Bar
  • 72% Keralan Single Estate Chocolate Bar

72% Keralan Single Estate Chocolate Bar

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The first in our PAN India collection; our 72% Keralan Single origin chocolate bar features organically certified cacao gorwn by a co-operative of small farmers in Kerala on India’s South West coast nestled against the Arabian Sea.


Kerala boasts a long history of international spice trade, famed for its’ natural wealth, and the the cacao used in this bar is no exception. Box fermented in cedar wood boxes, add to its’ slightly wooded flavour profile, which also include mild pepper, red berries, very low acidity, corriander, leather and light tobacco.


The unique soil, topographical and weather conditions in South India give our beans and chocolate a flavour profile unlike that of West Africa, Central and South America, giving the conosieur and chocolate lover a unique flavour experice


Made from certified organic cacao beans


The paper used in this wrapper is made from cacao husk and cotton making it 100% sustainable.



WEIGHT: .128 g

DIMENSIONS: 16 x 8 x 1 cm




We have set out to make India’s premier gourmet chocolate. A chocolate for sophisticated palates that harnesses and demonstrates the sheer richness of organic Indian produce. We are dedicated to making chocolate that reflects the cycles of the cosmos, unifying man with nature and health with pleasure through a combination of old-world craft and new-found nutritional wisdom.



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