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Balmaadi makes its own ‘panchagavya’ which translates to  ‘mixture of five products’ Adding to the tradtion followed on the farm, every morning at Balmaadi plantation starts with an ‘agnihotra’ or salute to the sun God.

In addition to the niche, small lots of high quality specialty Arabica, the estate also grows tea and cardamom. The coffee shrubs are surrounded by old jack fruit trees, cedars and neem trees.


This dark medium roast is rich bodied with a nutty chocolate finish and an aroma that makes you feel like you walked into a baker's shop.  Low acidity; with cranberry overtones that reflect how the green beans are sun dried with some of the coffee fruit intact make this a unique offering from Kalledeverapura Estate.

Made in India



Blue Tokai Coffee mission is simple: introduce the customers to the estates with great tasting coffees, roast the beans order by order, and ship them out to customers immediately. The coffee they roast is the coffee you’ll like to drink. And hope you’ll like it too.



Product Status: In Stock

Delivery: Usually 4-6 business days after the order.

Orders placed between 10 am on Wednesday and 10 am on Sunday will get roasted on Sunday. Orders placed between 10 am on Sunday and 10 am on Wednesday will be roasted on Wednesday. All coffee is shipped within 24 hours of roasting.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations on coffee orders will be considered if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order or before the order ships, whichever comes first.

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