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Deodorizing bath towel going beyond a mere "towel"

Voluminous bath towels give us a sense of safety and comfort. BreezeBronze® bath towel stands out from others in terms of versatility, to say nothing of touch, expanding its use with amazing deodorizing function. These towels with a perceptible deodorizing function have obtained SEK mark (deodorizing effect) for sweat odor, a certification of an official institution Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council, which guarantees its high functionality and safety..

The amazing deodorizing function of the towel can never be realized only with the latest industrial machinery, but with human eyes and hands of many skilled craftsmen there.

Also, you will appreciate its quality by the fact that it is certified as "Imabari Towel", which is a world-class towel brand of Imabari, Ehime



Materials: 100% Pure Cotton

Dimensions: 600 x 1250 mm (23.6 x 49.2 in)

Weight: 303.4 g (10.7 oz)      

Please do not wash with bleach, softener or chlorinated detergent.

Made in Japan




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