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Breeze Bronze (Bb) Toughness

Endorsed by the Japanese Self-defense Forces, BB produce excellent quality, tough products for hardworking people. BB towels, bath mats and insoles are particularly popular in the confined spaces of submarines!

All the products in the BB collection are made with cotton fibers that have been altered on the molecular level giving them extremely effective deodorizing properties, while dramatically reducing the presence of bacteria, fungus and microbes. BB towels not only significantly reduce stains and odor, potentially saving loads of laundry and therefore time, energy and money, they leave you and your skin feeling fresher and cleaner. Their deodorizing properties last for the lifetime of the product, with no loss or reduction in effectiveness.



Bath Towels

Material: 100% Cotton (modified)

Size: 60 x 120 cm

Weight: 340 g

Color: Fresh Cream / Lilac / Pistachio Green / Pastel Pink

Bath Towel (60 x 120 cm)


A tough, highly absorbent, yet lightweight towel that retains that just-washed freshness day after day. Its unique odor removal capacity makes it ideal for the beach and pool as well! Allow it to dry as usual and notice the lack of residual odor!

Sports Towels

Material: 100% Cotton (modified)

Size: 33 x 120 cm

Weight: 222 g

Color: Fresh Cream / Lilac / Pistachio Green / Pastel Pink

Sports Towel (33 x 120 cm)


Long and slim, the BB Sports is the perfect size for the gym. Screw it up, throw it in your bag and hang up after use. It's a lightweight, tough and highly absorbent towel with a unique odor removal capacity which keeps that just-washed freshness day after day.


Material: 100% Cotton (modified)

Size: 33 x 35 cm

Weight: 60 g

Color: Fresh Cream / Pistachio Green

Flannel (33 x 35 cm)

Texturally striking the ideal balance, the BB flannel is an excellent wash cloth that feels great on the skin. Thanks to its effective deodorizing capability, it doesn't need to be laundered so often. For just-washed freshness, simply rinse out after use and hang in the usual place to dry.

Made in Japan



Alexcious is a cross-border online discovery destination where you can experience two things; the fun of learning about and purchasing the most interesting, best quality products and works of art Japan has to offer; and by getting to know them, you can understand the passion, the challenges, and the innovations of the craftsmen who created the objects. Simply put, ALEXCIOUS is an unprecedented online platform where you can enjoy premium shopping as well as be captivated by the stories of the artisans.



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