Tupperware Classic Lunch Box with Bag, 3-Pieces (192B)

Tupperware Classic Lunch Box with Bag, 3-Pieces (192B)

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The Tupperware Classic lunch box with bag comes with an air-tight seal to keep your meal fresh till lunch time so that your home-cooked food tastes all the more relishing. Carry food safely and conveniently in this Classic lunch box set that includes two round containers, one big and the other small. The bigger of the two bowls has a maximum capacity of 500ml and can be used to pack steamed rice, chapattis, pilaf, risotto, idlis, parathas and more. The smaller one has a capacity of 230ml and is perfect for storing dals, curries, kedgerees, etc.




Classic round seal is air tight as well as liquid tight

Sheer base helps in identifying contents easily

Colors may vary, any one will be shipped

Tight Seals: Place the seal in warm water for few minutes. Dry thoroughly, then apply to container while still warm

Package Contents: 1-Piece Large Handy Bowl (500 ml), 1-Piece Tropical Cup (230 ml) and 1-Piece Classic Lunch Bag

Item Weight: 240 g




I am an independent Tupperware Manager based in Chennai, self-employed and working from home as a demonstrator and managing a small team. Tupperware is a pioneer in innovative storage products



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